We are operating an appointment-only basis for all services including denture repairs


Appointments must be made via telephone or email

to minimise footfall into the premises


Our door is kept locked apart from letting appointments in/out


Where possible, please attend appointments by yourselves

(although we realise this is not always possible)


Patients will be requested to sanitise their hands

before their appointment commences


We are using powerful fast-acting clinical sanitising wipes on all surfaces 

between each appointment


We have screens in place at reception and have introduced a new screened counter for denture repairs


Broken dentures are left to soak in disinfectant

before being picked up by the technician for inspection


Repaired dentures are left to soak in disinfectant and rinsed

before being placed in a sealed specimen bag and returned to their owner


All members of the Denture Clinic team (Ben, Dan and Pam)

take the Rapid Lateral Flow Tests twice weekly to ensure they are free of COVID-19


All members of the Denture Clinic team wear masks when not behind the screens


 In the clinic, Ben wears FFP2 grade masks as recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO) 


Single use gloves are worn and disposed of after each appointment

Contact us on 01291 622044

Visit us at Albion Square, Chepstow NP16 5DA

Open Mon - Fri, 9am - 4pm

Ben Brookshaw GDC No: 126166 

Dan Price GDC No: 27943