Repair & Addition Services

We offer a one hour denture repair service. No appointment is usually needed for the repair service but you may wish to telephone beforehand to check availability. If an impression is needed, it will be necessary to make an additional appointment but we do offer emergeny impression appointments for an extra charge. See below for pricing.

Tooth broke off denture ..... £25 or £30 if we need to provide a new replacement tooth


Partial fracture in denture .... £30


Full break in denture .... £40


Multiple breaks in denture .... our technicians will quote on examining the denture


Denture repair needing an impression ... £50

New tooth or clasp added to denture requiring an impression ..... £70

More than one tooth ... £5 per additional tooth 


Denture Relines

If you are happy with the teeth on your existing denture but it has become loose, we may be able to reline it. Denture relines involve taking a new impression inside the denture and creating a new fit surface. This should improve the fit and the comfort.

Denture hard relines ..... £100


Denture soft relines ..... £200


Mouthguards, Nightguards & Retainers

A mouthguard (also know as gum shield) is a protective device that covers teeth and gums to prevent and reduce injury to the teeth, arches, lips and gums. Please note that although they act to prevent and reduce, there is no guarantee that injury will be avoided.

Single colour, named & boxed ..... £60

Two colours, named & boxed ..... £65

Three colours, named & boxed ..... £70


Nightguards, Retainers & Splints ..... £80

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