There are two types of dentures to chose from - acrylic or chrome. Acrylic is the more traditional material. Chrome is stronger and more lightweight. If you are unsure what type of denture is best for you, please book a free no-obligation appointment.


Acrylic Dentures


Acrylic dentures are held in the mouth by passive retention. Impressions are taken of the gums, from which dentures are precisely fabricated using acrylic material. Occasionally, patients who have gum or bone recession may need fixatives to keep the dentures in place throughout the day.

We offer three quality ranges of acrylic dentures:

Private Acrylic Dentures:


Quality dentures made from standard denture acrylic using traditional methods of processing and '4natur' teeth. Suitable for those with straightforward denture needs wanting high quality dentures.

Private Plus Acrylic Dentures:

Quality dentures made from high impact denture acrylic which is stronger than standard acrylic. Traditional methods of processing are used but with the addition of gum contouring. Constructed with 'Enigma Life' teeth. Suitable for those who have a history of dentures breaking due to a particularly strong bite (chrome dentures may be more suitable in some cases).

 Private Premium Acrylic Dentures:

Highest quality dentures made from highest quality materials and processed using latest injection moulding technology delivering the ultimate in fit and durability. Biofunctional Prosthetic System (BPS) technique used where necessary. Constructed with 'Vivadent' or  'Phonares' teeth. Full gum contouring included. Suitable for those wanting highest quality dentures and best possible fit. For best possible strength, combine with cobalt chrome (see section below on chrome dentures).


Natural tooth and gum characterisation is available for an additional £100 per denture.


Cobalt Chrome Dentures


Chrome dentures are more expensive than acrylic dentures but often prove to be a better investment long term. They are stronger so less likely to break. In addition, they are less bulky, so lighter and more comfortable in the mouth. Alloy clips secure the denture in place in partial dentures. The chrome work is produced by a reputable chrome specialist laboratory that produces high-quality metal frameworks. All chrome dentures are combined with acrylic construction. 



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